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Dogg Lbs Snoop Dogg Delta-9 Gummies 100MG Dogg Treats

Dogg Lbs Snoop Dogg Delta-9 Gummies 100MG Dogg Treats

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Introducing the trendiest Delta-9 Gummies, Snoop Dogg Delta-9 Gummies 100MG (20mg each)

3 Distinctive Tastes:

  • The sweet and tangy flavor of Blue Raspberry can be sampled with a pack of 5 chews. Snoop Dogg guarantees an exciting experience with every piece.
  • Cherrylemon Fruit Chews from Green Star Labs is the ideal combination of cherry and lemon flavors. Perfect for those on the go or wanting to try the signature Snoop Dogg chews. This product provides an authentic, high-quality experience.
  • Grape Gummy chews are ideal for those seeking a quick burst of grape flavor.  Its top-notch hemp extracts are sure to satisfy. Snoop Dogg himself vouches for the quality of these chews!
  • 100mg in Each Package
  • 20mg in Each Gummy
  • 5 Gummies in Each Pack
  • No Artificial Ingredients or Preservatives
  • Formulated With High-Grade Hemp Extracts (Delta-9 THC, CBD)
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